This blog is dedicated to fostering a conversation on what is and can be art as well as discussing the various potentials of art and new media. In particular I am using this blog as a discussion base for working out ideas for my thesis on placing blogs and internet writing in the realm of literature, hopefully with the goal of identifying blogs as a new form of literature.


All thoughts and contributions are more than welcomed.




Where it started

Where the conversation that became this project begun in the middle of the park that lies in the middle of the city where all these conversations began between three friends who are still three friends having conversations today.


4 Responses to About

  1. kurigraminfo says:

    many thanks. you may get some literary works and book review on http://www.pathok.tk. thanks

  2. huysmans says:

    Thank you, I’ll check this site out.

  3. Irvingi says:

    That is actually an excellent idea 🙂 There is so much good writing on blogs that it is amazing. If you are, or know anyone in Indonesia, check out the latest post on the Darvish blog about a Book Launch Party and Reading for Sang Raja Jin – the Bahasa translation of my novel Master of the Jinn, coming out Feb. 16th.


    Ya Haqq!

  4. bibomedia says:

    Have a nice day !

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