Being Dated.

December 20, 2007

So since I know have the ground working for working on this thesis something that I have been thinking about a lot lately is the momentary aspect of my research. The moment I make a statement about the current situation, that statement becomes dated. Today we are dealing with a system that’s most fundamental tradition is a tradition of change.


I bring this up now for one reason in particular, my roommate has just recently started a account and we both have become rather excited about the potential it has for him. I myself have begun to ponder on the idea of creating one for my photos, for no other reason then to pack them up on the internet. But also because it is nice to be able to share travels and experience and for those who are trying to become photographers like my roommate, it is a good way to get out there.


So why do I bring up flickr when talking about blogs? I’m sure the answer is obvious to most of you (it wasn’t to me at first) but because perhaps the blog is not a literary tool. I am excited to do my thesis and will work it to its conclusion but what I am pondering right now is the reality that we need to move away from placing these new tools in old media and just establish them as new media. I intend to do this with my thesis but at the same time my goal is to look at their literary potential, by that I mean I am not using flickr for my research.


If I was to write a book rather than a thesis though I think that looking at these online blogs,vlogs, photo blogs, and so forth should be brought under one new medium, the internet, a medium that has no restrictions save one, it is not tangible. Everything created exists and only exists on the internet, in that specific format.


So here is to being dated and to always need those addendums.




When we forget where we are

November 25, 2007

In broken door knobs one finds nothing fitting yet all things resolved that all we can do is watch with tinted glasses the never ending debate between the growing amount of coins displaced by the vibrating utterance of a lost generation and that technologically infused support of a new age of equality that by being all at the same level of ability we are all at the same level of opportunity. Nothing is so fitting to this picture then the device facing my direction confused as to its displacement in its own age of existence as if it was ignored by ages of rediscovery, hidden by the lasered generational gap it acknowledges its lost placement and its new found friendship with the inorganic yet aggressive dust empire. But that is all not so true chimed in the four identicals that would be seemingly unique were it not for their rather large brandishing of commercialism signifying from where exactly they were extracted and for what occasion they rest now blocking the one piece of independence that lay behind them, the one identifier of uniqueness that established this obscure scene of incoherence. But sadly it cannot take center stage in this dramatic interpretation of humanity for if the transparent productions did not stand in its way it would still have to shuffle passed yet another mark of technological debris that was currently directing itself in such a fashion as to obstruct any sort of path the one uniqueness of this multitude of products could take to show itself as something special, something worth remembering after the end curtain falls.