State of the thesis

December 21, 2007

Twenty books to go

There is no snow

NYC may distract me

So thesis let it be

Just let it be

Twenty books to go

So so so so so


It snowed today!

December 15, 2007

Visual SOUND industries proudly presents…

A Microsoft Baiti production

Toon sounds of the night’s sky dawning so brightly by the fireside chats in cyberspace with NASA’s ground program developer in charge the computer.


Now back to normal. For the first time in years the space provided fit with the world vision and the print media corporation was born. Thus we now have a world where the news fits nicely each day into the desired format so that the business man who lives on the third floor of the fifth building on the ninetieth block will be able to purchase for a set price, which subsequently increases on a fairly irregular frequency due to fluctuations in the price and process of converting forests into paper and then applying the ink, not to mention the rising costs of maintaining a staff and equipment for producing the stories which are transcribed by the ink that also becomes more expensive as time goes on, thus for that price this man who lives in a building on a floor can purchase a single item containing all that he needs to know for that day, the price is not constant. Following the purchase of said article this same man can also buy a coffee, if he is lucky or wise rather and has chosen a location for this morning routine which provides both the days periodicals as well as an assortment of breakfast items such as coffee makers, grinders, flavorers, perhaps even mixers like those new fangled coffee bars they have around town these days where one doesn’t just buy a coffee but rather an experience consisting of milk choice, flavor choice, sugar choice, size choices, texture choices, additional choices, and choices on top of that as well, but hopefully, nonetheless, our gentlemanly figure has chosen such a place and can thus purchase  one, or two should he prefer to gain some perspective on all that news that apparently is just the right size to print, or perhaps they sell specialty journals that focus on different aspects of the news that our character here may desire, such as one focusing on the animal rights activist of the north eastern region of the Algerian peninsula, regardless of such choices he can should that choice be made by him at that moment purchase a periodical as well as a heated, preferably caffeinated, beverage with perhaps something to signify the holidays that are approaching, such as peppermint or gingerbread flavoring, which is of course artificial, but then again aren’t the holidays as well. I mean what are we doing with them anyway besides turning them into some sort of large scale excuse to celebrate in our commercialism, but then again despite the crowds and the chaos, which I know many can not stand for the life of themselves, I personally love being in Midtown during the holidays, I revel in the spirit of togetherness and the joy that hopefully these people are outside shopping not for themselves but for the ones they care about. Afterall isn’t that what the holidays were about when they may or may not have been about something back when we didn’t have TVs to tell us what they are supposed to be about or movies with rather crazy characters yelling at the big name brands accusing them of ruining that which the holidays were about back in the time before industries made the holidays about something completely different.


Afterall… it snowed today.

Why? well that didn’t answer anything.

December 12, 2007

Literature as literary wraps the literal world literally


M stands alone when faced with glass and polyester


Granite and skin soft lotion knows not facsimiles


Carbon copies of derelicts and saint nicks


Rapture sings true, chanting that tune in time with paramount


Capture that innocent


Plug the hemp into the corner oval office connected to that clamp


Shoot that down


Umpire whispers the wrong paper’s name


Plastics of a vermillion appearance


Paprika is honing its own textual understanding


Judge humorously


Queue in burrows and bombastic fortitude


Vicariously notice the limestone yoyo


Tear the underside of imagination


Grim and grip


Gyrate in unprecedented motion


Eradicate unintentional limitations


Irradiate nothing less than blistering creativity unquestionably




Cough for curious connotations


Sample slanting ceremoniously surmounted singularities


Underline the word black


Draw arrows back


Plug in the computer


And download the straws


Ring Ring Rhyme


Notice the wrappers around the table


Cringe at the sound of their voices












Allocations call for bases




And I surrender.

When we forget where we are

November 25, 2007

In broken door knobs one finds nothing fitting yet all things resolved that all we can do is watch with tinted glasses the never ending debate between the growing amount of coins displaced by the vibrating utterance of a lost generation and that technologically infused support of a new age of equality that by being all at the same level of ability we are all at the same level of opportunity. Nothing is so fitting to this picture then the device facing my direction confused as to its displacement in its own age of existence as if it was ignored by ages of rediscovery, hidden by the lasered generational gap it acknowledges its lost placement and its new found friendship with the inorganic yet aggressive dust empire. But that is all not so true chimed in the four identicals that would be seemingly unique were it not for their rather large brandishing of commercialism signifying from where exactly they were extracted and for what occasion they rest now blocking the one piece of independence that lay behind them, the one identifier of uniqueness that established this obscure scene of incoherence. But sadly it cannot take center stage in this dramatic interpretation of humanity for if the transparent productions did not stand in its way it would still have to shuffle passed yet another mark of technological debris that was currently directing itself in such a fashion as to obstruct any sort of path the one uniqueness of this multitude of products could take to show itself as something special, something worth remembering after the end curtain falls.

When Dadaism didn’t die

November 14, 2007

When up up up and left

The right goes away down light

Tonight we see darkness in the facts

Documents stripped of life

Lost andre lost

Where found in fire

Darn that lamp water

Can’t hold the hell

Bobby doesn’t know what that knew him well with he who does not know well

No no no no no

Not right not right

Wrong nor either

Left to right we can’t decide

I see TVs

See you on the otherside of that which we can’t decide

No stop the wrongness of this

Stop it now