On the power of imagination

After a long day at the library, something I am looking forward not to saying in the near future, I have come to realize or rather remember as it is something I have realized many times in my short life that there is a growing list of artistic expressions (I use as general a term as possible to emphasize the idea that there is no medium in particular by which this idea is communicated) that when interacted with (this list pertains only to me but I believe each of us has our own list) creates such a euphoric response like nothing else. Now what exactly do I mean by this, well I’ll tell yo through an anecdotal example.

As I mentioned before I spent today in the library reading some French and writing about Native Americans, interesting stuff I’ll admit but still there were many other places I would have rather been. Regardless this story is not about those other places.  I had my Ipod with me and was listening to an album, one specific album or rather soundtrack in particular. The soundtrack to Hook. A film that embodies both the early 90s and my childhood for me. And this happy thought as Williams would say in the movie did come from just that. The simple melody that played through my magnetically enhanced earphones blinded my vision from the dreary scene that was the library on a Sunday afternoon to that of home (New York) and toys, and a sense of imagination that one tries desperately to hold onto in life but only knows so purely as a child.

I was there again in that movie, believing in fairies and trying to fly. And though I have no specific memory with Hook (I don’t even remember seeing it in theaters though I am sure that I did) it brought a smile to my face. It made me happy. I didn’t need to explain it or understand it, it just made me smile and ultimately dance a little, perhaps throw a crow in there, I mean who really knows. The point is this. That list that holds that power should both never be written down or forgotten. Its active existence in our memories is what gives it its power.

I paused in the middle of writing this post to sit down and watch the movie. I smiled again.



2 Responses to On the power of imagination

  1. izzy says:

    I must admit I’ve had similar experiences listening to soundtracks, especially scores. Every time I listen to the theme from Jurassic Park (another Williams piece), I remember the first time I saw that movie, and the first time I heard that melody (specifically when the people are in the helicopter flying over the island), and immediately I’m back in that moment. I’m not walking down Broadway anymore, I’m sitting in my brother’s room watching Jurassic Park on his TV, being completely moved by this flowing melody. Soundtracks always do that to me. Even Disney movies to that to me. When I listen to a Disney soundtrack, I can just close my eyes and see the movie in front of me. That’s why when I walk home, I like to listen to my iPod and be swept away. I like being taken somewhere. I like letting my imagination soar and leave whatever world I’m in at the time, and just be somewhere else. It reminds me of writing. Writing allows me to escape into other worlds, live out scenarios I’ve always wanted to be in, or relive some previous experience. I love letting myself be taken away. I love thinking without trying, you know? Just without any effort, letting your mind go to a completely different place. That’s what I love.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Clap if you believe!

  2. BT says:

    I sit in my office listening to scores. I put the playlist on scramble and travel from a pirate ship on the open sea to a young boy learning how to ride a broom to a swashbuckling movie that hasn’t seen a theatre since the 1940s. I don’t know what is coming next. The anticipation is exciting. Each melody catches my heart in a uniquely emotional way. Whether it brings images of my children when they were young, my own chilhood or the imagined life of my mom, I revel in the waves of feeling. Art…Powerful…

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