The First Step

September 30, 2007

I want to get the ball rolling on what I hope to be a long and involved discussion on the topic of literature and its future. I am currently a senior in college working on a thesis involving the relationship between literature and the online world of weblogs. With this topic I am looking to argue the idea that blogging as it is now becoming will replace publication as the next medium for literature. In other words as many are now saying the novel is dead I want to argue that it has taken on a new form in the world of electronic writing. To accomplish this task I need the help of the blogging community. So here is my call for support, my official first step into the world of blogging, the world of instantaneous, multi-cultural, communal, and critical communication. It is my hope that through posing the questions and stating my findings here first before engaging them in a critical analysis through a thesis I can better understand the topic I am studying as well as get a large amount of feedback while still developing the ideas, after all it is that continual discussion that makes the world of Web 2.0 so advanced. Everything is being continually updated by everyone, I envision this thesis to develop in a similar fashion. Thus the first step has been taken along with the support of Google Reader, Google Alerts, and specific feeds to literary blogs I will begin this endeavor. Till next time, Huysmans