Why? well that didn’t answer anything.

December 12, 2007

Literature as literary wraps the literal world literally


M stands alone when faced with glass and polyester


Granite and skin soft lotion knows not facsimiles


Carbon copies of derelicts and saint nicks


Rapture sings true, chanting that tune in time with paramount


Capture that innocent


Plug the hemp into the corner oval office connected to that clamp


Shoot that down


Umpire whispers the wrong paper’s name


Plastics of a vermillion appearance


Paprika is honing its own textual understanding


Judge humorously


Queue in burrows and bombastic fortitude


Vicariously notice the limestone yoyo


Tear the underside of imagination


Grim and grip


Gyrate in unprecedented motion


Eradicate unintentional limitations


Irradiate nothing less than blistering creativity unquestionably




Cough for curious connotations


Sample slanting ceremoniously surmounted singularities


Underline the word black


Draw arrows back


Plug in the computer


And download the straws


Ring Ring Rhyme


Notice the wrappers around the table


Cringe at the sound of their voices












Allocations call for bases




And I surrender.


When Dadaism didn’t die

November 14, 2007

When up up up and left

The right goes away down light

Tonight we see darkness in the facts

Documents stripped of life

Lost andre lost

Where found in fire

Darn that lamp water

Can’t hold the hell

Bobby doesn’t know what that knew him well with he who does not know well

No no no no no

Not right not right

Wrong nor either

Left to right we can’t decide

I see TVs

See you on the otherside of that which we can’t decide

No stop the wrongness of this

Stop it now