A long first step

October 31, 2007

The first is always the hardest and longest step. But it is only a step and must come to an end, the second step must follow. It has been some time since I have been able to write here last and that first step continues to plague me. There is just so much information electronically living in this digital earth that it is hard to gather from just the surface, to gather just a breath of it. But I am beginning to focus in and am in dire need of literary examples of blogs on the web. It is my thesis, my belief, that which I want to prove through study and research that these blogs, these weblogs that have developed and evolved through the digital society of the twenty first century are the next generation of the novel and stories. Where Cervantes began, these blogs continue. But this is an impossible task, a wall greater than that that has been seen by all the onlookers in all the walled lands to look upon. But this wall cannot stay tall and large, this walls weakness is collaboration, collectivity, unity, communication. Yes communication, the foundation of that which is this world wide web that all this flows through. So again and hopefully for the last time I ask for the help of the internet, of the users and viewers that make up this elusive crowd. I have found intermediality as a focus and will talk more on this next time. But for now I leave with this one notion:

 A film has come up in discussion, one I have yet to view but have developed a great interest in: The Pillow Book. What role does literature play in film, not for film but in it?