I am the president

As of January 18, 2008, the remaining members of Nixon’s inner circle have taken partial control of this blog.  As the right hand of Nixon, I was given the responsibility of managing this operation; charitably, I have decided not to interfere with Huysmans’s activities, but I will provide orders that should be assumed to supersede his.

Please stand by.


3 Responses to I am the president

  1. David Thomas says:

    The operative word being partial, so like the Nixon administration, so inadaquate and yet so harmful.

  2. huysmans says:

    we took down the left hand, we can take down the right.

  3. therighthandofnixon says:

    The right hand’s the one he waved with when he rode through America’s towns. The right one shook the hands of diplomats and kings. I heard he bit the nails on the left one.

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