When posting comments

Something I am running into in trying to describe the various functions of a blog are the particular aspects of the comment field. I as the author of this blog have the ability to put pretty much anything I want as a post, anything from a video, an image, an audio file and each of these can be activated from the front page or the post page on my site. This multimedia aspect of a blog is very important and should be considered one of its defining elements as a writing space, it is not limited in the same way a book is. When I get to the publishing aspects of blogs later on I feel that this part should prove to be very interesting. By that I mean how does one print a multimedia blog? Has it been done?

I don’t know…

But that is off topic for this. I have a question for the blogosphere today and it has to do with comments. I know that one can put text and even hypertext as a comment to a post but can one put images and sound? And if one can’t because I don’t believe it is possible with WordPress is it possible with other blog providers?

I think that the comment aspect of blogging plays a very important role in the community based creation of this type of internet art. For the first time, well maybe not the first time but it is the most influential, readers can become authors of the blogs they read by adding their two cents.

So blogosphere become authors of my work and comment.



7 Responses to When posting comments

  1. Elver says:

    I think the whole hyperlink thing largely takes care of it. You can link to any text, image, audio, or video on the net. And if this piece of multimedia is only on your hard drive, you can upload it to YouTube or Flickr and link to there in your comment.

  2. huysmans says:

    True you have a very good point there but The Blog Herald recently reported on the fact that even that is in jeopardy today.

    Here is the link: http://www.blogherald.com/2008/01/15/does-your-blog-comments-strip-html-and-links/


  3. babel says:

    sounds like you are looking for some Anarchy – http://an-archos.com/anarchy-media-player/

    Will play flash files, audio files, movies within posts or comments (though within comments is still trickier).

    There are quite a few WordPress widgets that allow you to embed audio and video these days.

    Here’s a site that has a variety of media from post to post –

  4. babel says:

    As to how to print a multimedia blog: well, I’m not sure why you would want to print moving images, and printing sounds is impossible unless you have some notation or scoring software to hand!

    But it’s a little known feature of Adobe Acrobat that you can include multimedia elements within PDFs… so this could represent one form of ‘printed’ materials…

  5. huysmans says:

    But that is just the point Babel, you wouldn’t want to print a blog, and therefore I find it very interesting when publishers sign deals with bloggers. I am starting to think that these are two very different worlds, the same as trying to sign playwrights to make films. Except here we see a lot of reprinting of blog material and I am now of the mind that this printed material is different than what appeared online despite it being a reprint of it. I feel it is different because it lacks this very element, the act of commenting, along with all the multimedia elements that have been stripped from it as well. Thanks for the links I’ll check them out.


  6. babel says:

    I wonder if people said the same thing when Dickens published his episodic fiction in the newspaper? Comments on blogs are not vastly different in nature than ‘letters to the editor’ in newspapers, either, except that anyone and everyone can post their comments, with varying degrees of censorship by the blog editor/s. The multimedia elements are more of a challenge for me, but I could see the spread of mobile reading devices leading to the publishing of blogs in a digitally ‘printed’ format, with multimedia incorporated.

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