Thesis Update

So I finally cracked into the writing part of this and have secured an introduction, well part of an introduction. I still want to discuss intermediality in today’s world and look more closely at art productions such as The Pillow Book and the multimedia characteristics of the digital medium. But that will come once I finally watch The Pillow Book. Next I am going to move onto the first of three sections of my thesis, the blog and its dynamics. Here as I mentioned in my outline I will focus on describing the blog as both a new medium of artistic expression and a genre of literature. So before I begin crunching the words I wanted to give you all, the blogosphere, one last chance to submit to me blogs that may fall under the following category:

A blog that the author is using to publish creative content that would normally or rather historically be published in lit magazines or journals or books. The content does not have to be all that they publish but I am looking for in general blogs that use the blog medium to publish literature.

Or a blog that performs in what I guess is the traditional sense of a blog, a blog that acts as a public diary or journal for the author, well written and established blogs of this sort will help to describe how the blog may have developed an entirely new genre of literature.

Thanks in advance and expect an artistic discussion post soon, I recently got a Wii and well needless to say it has distracted me,



7 Responses to Thesis Update

  1. Good morning- I am not sure if my blog completely fits into your first category, but from my understanding in speaking to and about other bloggers, mine is the first to offer a completely free “course” in literary studies. I post three to four lessons a week on classic works of literature, (so far, “Antigone,” “Beowulf,” and “Hamlet.” (Future offerings will include “Dr. Faustus,” “Gulliver’s Travels,” “Pride and Prejudice,” “Madame Bovary.”)

    The lessons are much like anything I would teach in a traditional brick-and-mortar survey course: coverage of the text, analysis, and group discussion to which I respond. Assignments are voluntary, as is discussion, of course, but my hope is that students who are coming to a classic work for the first time, or someone who is just interested in becoming more informed, will find a comfortable, pressure-free environment in which to do so.

    Btw, I agree that the blogosphere is moving toward a broader forum than personal diaries and observations. I think your study is an interesting one and I’ll check in for updates.

  2. R. Sherman says:

    Honestly, I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around the concept of “blog as literature” and by that, I assume you mean “genre,” vs. blogs as medium, alone. Maybe the question will be answered in post one of these days.

    Thanks for linking to me, btw. In my copious free time, I need to update my sidebar.


  3. huysmans says:

    Thanks Jamie,

    I’ve never thought about using educational lit blogs, but I am absolutely open to it. I’ll check your blog out, it definitely deserves mention in how the literary world is using the blogosphere.

    and R. Sherman yeah I mean it as both a genre and a medium, in the genre sense I am interested in the type of writing that has uniquely developed between what blogs can do and what writers can do. While by medium I am interested in how the blog is changing the way writers write and readers read, with hypertext, communal writing and the ability to create with out a defined start and finish, the actual process of writing seems to be changing.

    Thanks for the comments


  4. digitalbath says:

    hi there, im a 4th year college student taking up Bachelor of Arts major in English from the Philippines and i am currently working on my thesis entitled “Weblogs as Evolutionary Subgenre of Creative nonfiction.” I am done with the proposal and currently working on my final thesis. Ive been reading a lot about weblogs as a form of literature, i hope you could give me some insight on this. thanks be reading more of your posts.

  5. huysmans says:

    Hi digitalbath,

    Though I am focusing on the fiction aspect of blogs and their use as medium for creative expression I do see a lot of merit in what you are doing and I would love any suggestions as far as the literature you are reading, I would imagine that we could use a lot of the same works. The first thing that comes to mind in thinking about the nonfiction aspects of blogs is journalism. I don’t know how much of journalism you want to tackle in your thesis but if I was forced to name one genre of nonfiction that has been deeply affected by the creation of weblogs it would be journalism, second to that would be special interest groups including the literary world. Many of the sites on my blogroll and in particular The Elegant Variation and Bookslut are mostly nonfiction blogs by writers.

    I don’t know how much of what I am working on you’d be interested in but much of the literature I have collected and read deals with the internet as a writing space, one author in particular has done a good job of analyzing this new writing space, Jay David Bolter in his work Writing Space.

    I hope that helps and please I’d love to hear about what you have collected and are working on.


  6. rudyman says:

    hi huysmans, i’m done with my kinda baby thesis, i renamed it “features of weblogs as evolutionary subgenre of creative nonfiction” im a firm believer of the potential of blogs to be a recognized subgenre of literature and if i were to classify the blog, it would be the evolved form of the diary/journal and consequently a subgenre of creative nonficiton. its very inherent and obvious trait as an online diary that made me realize the potentials of blogs as a kind of literature. though of course there are so many approaches to this medium. i see it like the evolution of the telephone, which function is primarily and initially to make calls, much like the weblogs which is inherently an online journal. though today the telephone has evolved into the cellpone and has been attributed with a lot of other alternative functions and uses, its still important to understand that the cellphone is primarily intended to make calls. that’s how i’d like to juxtapose the emergence of blogs, and the evolution of the blog is too quick and fast that there are so many things that a blog could be and do. that’s how i see it, if you;d like a copy of my little thesis i’d love to send you one. just drop by my blog. and i’d love to read a lot more of what you’re working on. thanks. mabuhay

  7. rudyman says:

    btw, im digitalbath, my other nickname

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