Facebook as Literature

I used to think, and by used to I mean up until this week, that these new fangled applications on facebook were not just a waste of time but a disgrace to the essence of what is Facebook. Well that was back when I was elitist for being a college student and couldn’t get over the fact that now high schoolers had accounts. Though I wouldn’t say I am passed that phase of my Facebook relationship I have come to see some value in these applications.


I bring it up here because it is rather interesting to see how the literary world has utilized it. First I want to introduce a rather interesting and simply engaging application I found through Chris Joseph’s blog. The novel is called Why Some Dolls Are Bad and it is a graphic novel and is dynamically generated through a Facebook application by the same name. I highly recommend looking into it.


It is works like this that are key resources for reviewing the literary potential of blogs, though this app itself is not a blog it does use many of the unique blog features I plan on discussing, such as hypertext, mixmedia, and a community set up through the app users. But again it isn’t a blog in that we cannot directly communicate with the novel author, Kate Armstrong.


Anyway it is something worth checking out and thanks to Chris for pointing it out.


On another note on Facebook I have also added the scrabble game, a game I like to think helps stimulate writers and with it on Facebook I can enter multiple games at once with my friends that take place over a long period of time, a cute way to remind me about how bad my vocabulary is. For example below is my attempt at trying to make words with the letters I had, I have decided that it makes some rather interesting phonetic poetry, or just crap. You can decide for yourself.




Dif tif dif nif wintow woodin wid


Woodint winotod


Windoo windot wondit wond windo woodi n tinwood nitwood woodnit inwood


2 Responses to Facebook as Literature

  1. babel says:

    Hey Huysmans,

    very happy you found the post useful – great blog you have here, I’ve just susbcribed and look forward to reading about your explorations!

    By the way, if you are interested in the background of Why Some Dolls Are Bad or how it works I would strongly recommend contacting Kate Armstrong – I had the pleasure of meeting her in Canada last month and I’m sure she would be very happy to answer any questions.


    ps – I’ve also been playing a lot of Scrabulous on Facebook – we should have a game sometime 😉

  2. huysmans says:

    I may just do that, and thanks for also providing a link to babel, a networked novel, that’s something very interesting. I’m gona have to look into this further.

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