Happy Birthday Blog World!

Yesterday marked the ten year anniversary of the blog. So in the language of the Wall Street Journal I too say Happy Blogiversary! The story is simple enough, starting with Jorn Barger and his weblog, a filter for web content on December 17th, 1997.

But now a blog has become so much more, maybe that’s good or bad, but regardless it is.


Now I can do this and run a muck of my own post.

There can also be still some very thoughtful web filtering. But as those who frequent my blog know, I am more interested in the literary merit that is coming out of them.

So in recognition of this 10th anniversary of the blog world and ten years of development, I present this:

Old New York

My city as it was seen in 1865. Why do I present this here? Because when it came out it wasn’t art. But where is it now, a museum, why? Because it is art today, it represents a world that doesn’t exist anymore, a green Manhattan. Its potential as an artistic representation has now been realized by the changed interaction it has undergone with us the viewers.

The irony is that it is still very much a tool for developers, a tool that lets people know where the water is hiding deep under our metro system and trump towers. I see the same with blogs, they aren’t all art. Hell most aren’t. But those other blogs are serving an extraordinary purpose today for the world. They are media checks, augmenters of the news world, critics, fans, friends, communities, and in general spreading the communication of our world farther than it has ever been able to go in the past.

Here is to the blogosphere, may it continue to establish itself in these next ten years.

Huysmans out.


4 Responses to Happy Birthday Blog World!

  1. huysmans says:

    Just for clarification: my blog is not ten years old, I submitted this post in recognition of the blog as a medium being ten years old.

    Sorry for any confusion.

  2. huysmans says:

    Also, Mr. Thomas would like credit for introducing me to the Viele Map, just so the rest of the blog world know that it was he who first showed me this maps existence.

    Thank you good sir.

  3. Nick James says:

    Thanks for dropping by and pointing me in the direction of your blog. I enjoyed this post immensely, it truly embodies the spirit of blogging I was trying to encourage. Interesting blog all round. Thanks again.


  4. huysmans says:

    Thank you, I appreciate the compliments.

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