Addendum to part 2 of the conclusion: The potential may or may not become the actual.

This will follow the single bullet that is currently under the section regarding why we are still only talking about potential.

o   A second point to discuss here is the financial aspects of blogs not being financially viable. It is possible that they fail to achieve literary greatness because greatness in our society for art has been closely tied to monetary value. This we would have to redefine greatness in order to allow blogs to compare. The age old question of a tree in the forest appears here with the question of whether something can be art if no one sees it.

o   Secondly I want to look at the role of publishers as authority figures, as donors of credibility. Similar to what awards to, publishers, simply by choosing to publish a work of literature, suggest its increased artistic merit over the rest of what is submitted to them. This process right now does not exist online. But it does exist in a new and developing form. Today the equivalent to the publishers would be both the already existing A-list blogs commenting and taking note of a new blog and the simple number of visitors to a blog. Both these aspects function as publishers do, as filters to direct viewers to good and worthy content.

§  But on the other hand these are subverted by the mere category effect which allows similar minded readers to find blogs based on content, but again the ones featured in search results will be the popular ones.


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