Salsa is now on Stage

Okay so rather than debating the general, Art versus art. I’d like to discuss the aesthetic, oh that word again, aspects of different elements of society that may or may not be considered artistic. To begin with I want to approach the topic of Dance, a field that I believe is still considered to be an art, despite its athletic requirements as well the distinction between choreographers and dancers. By distinction I mean to acknowledge the difference between the individual probably considered the artist, the creator of the artistic piece, the choreogrpaher or composer in music, or director and writer in film and theater. These individuals are the ones who are creating what is then performed by the actors, musicians, and dancers. So the question I want to ask is: Are these performers artists as well?

The answer is YES! As I have previously stated, I believe art is an interaction between the creator and observer and therefore cannot exist without one or the other. I find that that is true for the performing arts as well, you can’t create a work of music without musicians to play it, and furthermore, each time it is performed, it will be different. No two musicians will ever play the same work the same way. By default a performer brings their own artistic interpretations to the work. Therefore what is then presented to us is not the work of the choreographer but rather the interplay between what the choreographer has envisioned and how the dancers have interpreted it. So dancers are artists. Their bodies are the expressions of art.

I bring dancing up specifically from a personal standpoint, I am in no way a dancer, but then again perhaps we all are in some way. But anyway I had the pleasure of attending a Salsa performance last night, along with a salsa lesson where I learned some simple moves and could do it a little by the end of the night. But I do not want to talk about my progress, rather I’d like to state that watching a performance by a group of dancer who have connected with this music and their choreographer is truly enjoying.  It is an artistic expression and each dancer is vital to creating that expression.

I’m sure few would argue with the artistic merit and aesthetic attributes of dance, but lets move now to athletics. I would venture that there is artistic merit in the way in which an athlete moves and reacts to their enviornment.

Lets begin the debate…


One Response to Salsa is now on Stage

  1. Bodhi Girl says:

    I think dance is a perfect example of art as interplay between the components within the piece (choreographer, dancer, etc.) and the viewer.

    I know you wanted to debate, but I’m in agreement with ya this time dude.


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