Manifesto of Artistic Artistry Relevance

Yet again I feel the need to address the role of this discussion. The why, if you will. Why should we engage in defining art, or more generally why should we even engage in the discussion of art? Perhaps I feel the need to defend this on account of the numerous friends I have who by attending art schools have become rather elitist in their opinions, believing that they are the only authorities on which art can be discussed. I want to say to them here and now that that couldn’t be further from the truth. I could spend much more than one post and my beliefs on these institutions that call themselves art schools but that isn’t the purpose of this post. For today I want to state clear and simply my manifesto as an artist and in homage to other artists who realize what art really is.


Me Manifesto of Artistic Artistry Relevance:


1.      Art is in everything and everything is in art. Artists do not create Art, they create art. We the spectators, the viewers, the readers, the observers, the audience, the listeners, the society in which this cult is supported are the creators of Art.

2.      Art cannot exist on its own.

3.      Art is not a person, place or thing and it is definitely not a noun!

4.      Art is an interaction!!!! An experience, a conversation that communicates what some call the ineffable, what I just call art.

5.      Artists are everyone!

6.      A self identified artist should never be trusted!

7.      Art schools are just bricks and mortar.

8.      Manifestos are works of art, not political statements.

9.      You are an artist.

10.  Art does not live.

11.  Art can turn a profit. Art should turn a profit.

12.  To talk about art is to acknowledge your own existence in this world.

13.  To not talk about art is to live passively.

14.  As we describe art as being active and challenging, so is the discussion, anything else is entertainment.

15.  Dali is a sell out!

16.  The Mona Lisa is no longer art!

17.  Fountain is the greatest experience of the twentieth century

18.  Disney has brought us the twenty first.

19.  This should cost $2.67


21.  art is worthless and does not bring us anything to better our society.

22.  Ignore statement twenty and refer to statement five when dealing with liars

23.  Periods should not exist.

24.  Is this Art?

25.  no


8 Responses to Manifesto of Artistic Artistry Relevance

  1. Bodhi Girl says:

    I think you just called me an aspiring liar.

    Is Fountain REALLY the greatest experience of the twentieth century? Are you sure?

  2. huysmans says:

    yes it REALLY is to the writer of this manifesto, but then again, that can change tomorrow. Because in the world of art, absolute is meaningless.

  3. Bodhi Girl says:

    I kinda think absolute is meaningless in any world.

  4. huysmans says:

    Man, how true you are, and yet I feel that may be one of the hardest things for our world to grapple with.

  5. Everett Scott says:

    I have to say: I disagree wholeheartedly with number eight: manifestos are nothing but ideas, they have form but no substance, and I’m inclined to argue that manifestos politicize art. Ideas are not even imitations of life: they belittle it, reduce it to nothing. And that is exactly what manifestos tend to do: strip away anything living in the art and leave only the premise, a husk without anything within.

    (Actually, I disagree with the entire manifesto, from beginning to end, but then that’s the nature of manifestos. One agrees or disagrees: one does not feel them, they do not well up inside of the reader, bursting forth like a fountainhead to revitalize them at strange moments, they are bitter wine, dry bread. No, they are not even that: they are the idea of wine, the concept of bread.)

    That said, this is probably the most enjoyable manifesto I’ve ever read….

  6. David Thomas says:

    I agree with Mr. Scott. It strikes me as rather odd that an aspiring member of the academy should so aggressively and singularly attack a subset of the very same academy. The logic of the Manifesto is deliciously reductive, why bother to study or investigate anything since such work will only lead to an elite class, those who studied, versus the rest of us who didn’t. If art is interaction then I pity the unsong song, the unplayed sonata, and the hidden painting.

  7. huysmans says:

    Haha, Well I guess the obvious answer is that I myself don’t agree with what I wrote. But where is it a requirement that an artist should agree with what they create? I am suggesting that a manifesto be a work of fiction and never taken seriously, for when they are, their groups tend to fail.

  8. Bob Walton says:

    Is it art? Well, borrowing from philosophy’s “I think, therefore I am”, may I suggest, “I express, therefore it is.”

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