Surrealist Game Time

Here is the idea for this little game. It started with Raymond Queneau, a surrealist of the Breton persuasion. He at one point in his life published a text titled Exercises in Style where he started with a Récit and then rewrote it ninety-nine times in differing styles. I have written a Récit and will follow with some styles shortly but I would love for people to submit their own styles, make sure to name your style.


This short description begins at three in the afternoon in a little campus coffee shop attached to the grand central library. The crowd packed round the water cooler. Each person waited patiently for their turn at the device to fill their little plastic transparent cubs up with the ice infused water maintained inside the metallic dispenser. It was when this crowd parted that a singular college aged individual of male features approached the register in the hopes of purchasing a muffin containing some kind of fruit flavoring as well as an espresso based beverage. What he had not prepared for was the excruciating wait time that was thrust upon him until his hot beverage would be ready. In this time he found the mundane routine of circulating somewhat pleasant but was annoyed to find myself observing this awkward task of his. He soon departed beverage and muffin in hand, for another more secure location. I remained however, to watch as more students of various ages packed themselves neatly into a line in order to maintain order while each in turn exchanged money for nourishment.

An hour later a meeting started involving myself and commenced at a different place roughly a quarter mile away from the coffee shop in the residential offices of the same university. The meeting was the third of three to be had this semester in regards to sexual assault on the campus and included students, faculty and administrators. It went long.


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