Mr. Magorium’s Imagination

I have a couple of extremely developed and elaborate comments to respond to and I promise to get to them soon, I have been busy with the whole finishing assignments before going home for Thanksgiving break but I couldn’t resist comment on a recent film I saw before leaving.


Last night I saw Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. A children’s film by all accounts and wonderful in that respect. But I am not bringing it up here for its childish qualities, I am bringing it into this discussion because despite those that see this as “low art” or “light art” or just “entertainment” or even those closer to myself who may be inclined to call this film “art” I was influenced by it and was capable from it to engage in a thoughtful discussion on imagination.


I love imagination and I love honoring it and playing with it. I am one of those who believe no one is ever too old to play pretend, and because of that I was really moved by the subtle dialogue and that not so subtle sentiments of this film, perhaps we as a society are too serious; we need to play pretend more.

Free Imagination!


One Response to Mr. Magorium’s Imagination

  1. Isabelle says:

    While I have yet to see Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, I feel the need to comment. First and foremost, I want to see the movie, simply because I love the theme of imagination. I agree completely that the imagination is a wonderful thing. I’ve been taking a class that focuses entirely on creativity (the name of the class is, in fact, Creativity) and we’ve all been discussing creativity and imagination. Personally, I think that with one’s imagination, one can create a world that he or she loves and feels free in. Imagination gives you the ability to create whatever you want, be whoever you want, and have happen whatever you want to have happen. Granted, it isn’t reality, but why should we let the chains of reality hold us from acheiving things we really want? When I was younger, my imagination let me dive into the world of different Disney characters (one day I was Ariel, the next, Jasmine). now that I’m older, I’ve managed to harness my creativity and focus it into short stories or other creative writings.

    I do agree that we need to “play pretend” more than we do. Sometimes it’s nice to pretend you’re something else, just to let your imagination soar. Last year I discovered that if you get too serious, you run the risk of driving yourself crazy. Never stop pretending. Never stop imagining. Never stop believing in fairies (clap if you believe!!).

    I believe.

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